24. Naked and Loved by Mother Earth - Interview with Luke McLaughlin of Holistic Survival School


What makes humans unique among living creatures? How do we restore the human animal experience in its wholeness?


For episode 24 of The Good Life Revival Podcast, I visited with earth skills teacher Luke McLaughlin in rural Weaverville, North Carolina, at the new base of operations for his Holistic Survival School.

Luke radiates the kind of calm, patient confidence and wisdom that can only be gained through years of pushing his ability to survive in extreme conditions with nothing but the shirt on his back - and sometimes even less than that!

Once upon a time he applied those survival skills on television for the Discovery Channel's Naked & Afraid. These days he teaches the ancestral skills that make us human animals unique through intimate, detailed classes and workshops, and he does this from a place of love and openness, clearly having tapped into a wellspring of compassion after dedicating his life to Mother Earth many years ago.

Luke has some really insightful things to say about the transformative healing powers of what we variously refer to as earth skills, primitive skills, wilderness skills - whatever you want to call them! - and what it means to truly trust in nature for your most basic survival needs.

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