25. Why I Am a Proud Meat Eater: Confessions of a Former Vegetarian


Why do I eat meat? Because I revere the universal life force that flows through all living beings.


In this episode of the Good Life Revival Podcast (#25), I explore the complicated and often frustrating question of whether humans should eat meat.

Is it good for our health? Is it bad for the environment? Are vegans responsible for less suffering in the universe? Are some forms of agriculture more sustainable than others, and to what degree?

This leads to deeper discussion about our connection with the natural cycle of life and death, engaging in reciprocal relationships with wild and domesticated animals, and what it means to revere the animals -- and plants! -- that we must kill, so that we may go on living.


In this episode, we'll cover:

  • My personal history as a stubborn childhood vegetarian-turned-chicken slaughterer
  • Why meat is not "murder", but more like compassion and reverence
  • Why questions of the "ideal human diet" don't make much sense
  • Why we shouldn't give up on raising livestock just because of the horrors of factory farming
  • How we can take ownership of our role as apex predators on the landscape
  • How consuming animals can bring us closer to the universal life force that animates us all

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