23. Feral Homesteading - Interview with Alexander Meander of Ardea Homestead Sanctuary


Meet Alexander Meander and Stacey Costner, self-proclaimed feral homesteaders and stewards of Ardea, their 60-acre homestead sanctuary in rural Kings Mountain, North Carolina.

For today’s episode of the Good Life Revival Podcast, I traveled to Ardea to speak with Alexander and learn about how he and Stacey have designed a lifestyle and a livelihood for themselves through the intimate relationship that they’ve cultivated with their land.

Alexander and I had a great discussion about what it means to be “feral”, and how we go about developing a less domesticated way of life for ourselves through the food that we eat and the landscapes that we work with.

Alexander shares a great deal of information about the foods—both wild and cultivated—that make up the core of their rich feral homestead diet, and along the way we explore some of the facts, beliefs, and opinions that inform Alex’s worldview.

If you’re interested in how you might apply the core ethos of rewilding to a permaculture-based homestead design, then you’d do well to learn from the example set by Alexander and Stacey at Ardea.

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