6. Nature Deficit Disorder and Ecological Literacy

As a culture, we've lost our fundamental connection to the natural world.

This has led to a surge in dysfunctional behavior, like attention issues, depression, anxiety, and obesity, and in general I believe that this disconnect explains a lot of the suffering that we observe in the modern era.

We all feel the detrimental effects of nature deficit disorder, but most of us just aren't aware that this is the source of our troubles, because we've been so deeply conditioned to accept the status quo of the human-dominated, human-constructed environment.

With that in mind, I put together this episode of the Good Life Revival podcast (fka Permaculture Lifestyle) to arm you, dear listener, with the basic vocabulary to describe the symptoms, causes, and treatment of nature deficit disorder.

The solution, I think, lies in cultivating ecological literacy at the individual level, which can only come about through immersion in the natural world -- daily observation and interaction.

This topic offers a great entry point into a critique of how civilization relates to nature, and how our environment influences our behavior and our underlying worldview.

It is our responsibility as self-aware individuals to assess our personal relationship with nature, and take decisive action where necessary to improve our overall health and wellbeing.

I hope that this episode encourages you to keep pushing forward on the path that leads back to the natural world.