Meet the Sycamores

Hi, nice to meet you! We're the Sycamores. We live in a small community outside Paoli, Indiana, on the edge of the Hoosier National Forest. We are entering our first year as self-employed market gardeners, growing vegetables on borrowed land using beyond-organic practices.



I do most of the writing and podcasting around here, and also maintain the website.

When I'm not writing or gardening, I enjoy foraging, cooking, and playing music.

I also really like hiking and camping but usually need some convincing from Brooke to leave the homestead for a day or two. I get easily excited about projects that involve building things and/or shoveling dirt.

If you want to hear some of my music, you can check it out at



My partner Brooke is responsible for a lot of the photography you see around the website.

When she's not busy tending to Homer's (constant) needs, Brooke loves to spend time practicing yoga, seeking out the ideal swimming holes on hikes, and getting to know the wild spaces all around us.

Brooke is a life long student of the rhythms of nature, and believes that sharing the magic and medicine of nature is the best way to preserve our home planet.




Homer is our massive Great Pyrenees puppy, checking it at about 120 lbs as of his first birthday!

His favorite activities include digging holes, stomping through creeks, rolling around in our bed after eating dead animals, and terrorizing our cats. He has no idea how big he is.

Homer is just about the sweetest guy you'll ever meet, but beware of the sticky trail of drool he leaves behind wherever he goes.

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