47. Making Brooms and Cleaning Up Vacant Lots - Interview with Little John Holzwart


If you’re someone with big dreams but limited means, this conversation is for you.

For episode 47 of the Good Life Revival Podcast, I had the pleasure of speaking with John Holzwart of Sheboygan, Wisconsin, better known to most simply as Little John.

If you know Little John, it’s probably as a result of his years of touring the country on the fair circuit, leading demonstrations and workshops on the art of broom-making.

John is a skilled artisan with a sharp eye for honing raw materials into something that’s equally functional, elegant, and aesthetically pleasing. Now he’s looking to transfer those talents into the arena of urban permaculture through his recently organized non-profit Arboreus, whose mission is to reclaim vacant lots around Sheboygan and convert them into community gardens and food forests.

He already has his first lot well under way, and he’s not afraid to dream big about what comes next. I believe he’s on the right track, and I hope his story inspires you to make some serious moves on that passion project of yours that maybe you’ve been holding yourself back from pursuing.

Whether success or failure, I can guarantee that you’ll learn and grow more than you could ever imagine along the way!

To find out more about all the cool stuff that Little John does, visit plantbasedservices.com. To peruse his collection of brooms currently available for sale, visit broomsbylittlejohn.com. And if you’re just here for the Cornelian cherries, head to cornus-mas.com.

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