20. The Great Forgetting: Totalitarian Agriculture & the Lies We've Inherited About Our Ancestors


We modern humans have forgotten something profound about the way we live. Each of us understands instinctively that something is missing, but most of us have no way of discovering it through direct experience. Yet this forgotten knowledge is the foundation upon which our entire civilization is built.

Daniel Quinn called it “The Great Forgetting.” What did we forget? In order to make sense of that question, we will have to reconsider everything we thought we knew about the dawn of agriculture and the birth of our civilization – not to mention the millions of years of “pre-history” that came before that!

In this episode of the Good Life Revival podcast, we’ll cover:

  • What is The Great Forgetting, and how has it shaped our modern culture?
  • What is Totalitarian Agriculture and how does it differ from other ways of life?
  • How did this one form of culture come to dominate the global landscape?
  • What were humans doing before agriculture, and what is life like for contemporary peoples who don’t participate in our culture?

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