9. Leaving the Modern World Behind [Audioblog]

We can change our world, and we can start right away.

In this special audioblog edition of the podcast, I share my thoughts on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs as it relates to our dysfunctional modern culture -- and how we can respond as individuals in a meaningful, productive way.

What is an "audioblog"? Well, you could say it's kind of like an audiobook, except that instead of a book, I'm reading my blog post Leaving the Modern World Behind to you. Get it?

This was the very first post I wrote for the blog when I launched it on July 1, 2016. Seems like I only embarked on this journey just the other day, and yet so much has changed over these months!

About the Author

Sam Sycamore is a writer and homesteader located in Simpsonville, Kentucky. An avid gardener with a passion for wild foods and edible perennials, Sam loves to teach others about growing food, foraging, and finding purpose in the modern world. Contact Sam here, and keep up with his daily adventures on Instagram @doityoursammy.