50. Cannabis Culture in Oregon - Interview with Micayla Harland of Hash It Out


With cannabis now legal for recreational use in ten states (plus Canada!), and medicinally available in over half of the country, we have reached a pivotal moment for the mainstream acceptance of cannabis in North American culture.

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And yet, the industry is still on pretty shaky ground, given that both THC and CBD — the primary medicinal and psychoactive constituents of the cannabis plant — are still classified under federal law as being among the most dangerous drugs a person can get their hands on.

For episode 50 of the Good Life Revival podcast, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Micayla Harland of the Hash It Out podcast at her home outside Eugene, Oregon, to discuss the current state of the cannabis industry in the Northwest. 

“Legalized does not mean normalized.”

Micayla has been deeply embedded in the industry for many years, first in Canada and now in Oregon, and her expertise really shines when you ask her to break down the more esoteric and intimidating technical terms related to cannabis.

We had a really informative and fascinating conversation ranging from cannabinoids and terpene profiles, to different medicinal and recreational uses and dosages, to what it’s like working in the industry and how one might get involved as a farmer, herbalist, budtender — or wherever your talents may lie!

Micayla’s passion for cannabis is quite infectious, as you’ll hear, and if you dig her perspective I would highly recommend checking out her podcast Hash It Out, where she goes much deeper into all of the topics we reviewed today.

Stream and download episode 50 above, or listen through iTunesStitcher, or Google Play. 

Here’s a super handy list of Instagram handles that Micayla mentioned at the tail end of the interview and then compiled to share with y’all:

  • @echasen (Emma Chasen, Eminent Consulting)

  • @tko.oregon (TKO Reserve - Recreational licensed cannabis farm in Oregon) 

  • @greensourcegardens (Green Source Gardens - Recreational licensed cannabis farm in Oregon) 

  • @flowersmithllc (Flower Smith - Recreational Craft Cannabis Farm in Oregon)

  • @dragonflyearthmedicine (DEM Pure certifying body, educator in regenerative farming practices, producer plant and human health products)

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