45. Ethical Vegan Homesteading and Beekeeping - Interview with Jeff and Ella Kennedy


Have you ever intentionally killed a living, breathing animal?


Was it to feed yourself, your family, friends, community? How did it make you feel?

For Jeff and Ella Kennedy of Ouiska Run Farm in Milltown, Indiana -- my guests on episode 45 of the Good Life Revival Podcast -- raising animals for meat led them to conclude that they would be better off pursuing a plant-based lifestyle.

What they were both surprised to discover was just how much their meat-free diet seemed to improve all aspects of their lives.

“I find myself having more clarity daily. Who knows where I would be right now had I not made that first choice when I was thirty to take a different life path? […] The freak flag’s out and I’m letting it fly.”

The topic of whether or not to eat meat has become increasingly polarized in the social media era, so much so that it seems nearly impossible for a vegan and a meat-eater to have a reasoned, respectful, friendly? discussion.

Well, we've got proof right here that it is possible, my friends. By exploring our relationships with the food that we produce and consume, Jeff and Ella and I were able to find a great deal of common ground between us. After all, despite our differing choices on diet (I am an omnivore), we essentially share the same desires and dreams for our local landscape and our place within it.

Tune in to hear about Jeff and Ella's unlikely conversion to veganism, their efforts to rewild 8 acres in rural southern Indiana, thoughts on what to do with livestock animals after deciding not to eat them, their views on beekeeping as vegans, and much more.

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