43. Wild Medicinal Plants and Hemp Farming - Interview with Daphne Valentine


Do you communicate with the plants on your local landscape? Because they are always trying their hardest to reach you, whether or not you’re able to hear them.


My guest for this installment of the Good Life Revival Podcastno. 43 — is Daphne Valentine, a professional forager, farmer and pickle-maker from Murphreesboro, Tennessee. When it comes to communicating with plants, Daphne speaks with authority, drawing from a deep reservoir of lifelong experiences.

“Plants have a frequency. If you’re in tune with it, if you’re listening, you’ll hear it. […] Medicine plants give off a pretty strong frequency, and we hear that as foragers.”

In addition to working with wild foods and crafting artisanal pickles, she and her husband grow medicinal hemp on their farm through Tennessee’s Hemp Research Pilot Program, which she says is a very profound experience.

“Having grown hemp from seed to big bushy plants that are speaking, very loudly, I understand the connection. I understand the language that it is speaking.”

Each of Daphne’s primary interests are united, I think, by a core passion for the physical and emotional healing power of medicine plants, and of food as medicine itself. I hope this conversation encourages you to venture out on to the land to cultivate intimate relationships with all of the plant allies that you find there.

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