36. Uncaging the Human Body and Mind - Interview with Jonathan Mead, Movement Coach


How does it feel to be an inhabitant of your body? What are the stories you tell yourself about the state of your health?


For this installment of The Good Life Revival Podcast (#36) I spoke with Jonathan Mead, a nature-based movement coach and founder of The Uncaged Human. Jonathan teaches folks like you and me about how to reclaim our human animal nature through functional, nutritious movement.

You might think of what Jonathan does as rewilding fitness, in the sense that his work is aimed at ameliorating the ills of domestication that we face as captive creatures in this zoo we call civilization, and he draws upon what we know about the functional health of non-civilized humans in order to forge the path forward.

And there's a lot more than just "outer" work to be done: freeing a human from her civilized cage requires some fundamental inner work, too. After all, an unhealthy mind can be as much of a source of chronic pain and tension as an imbalanced body.

Jonathan and I had an excellent conversation about what he does and why does it, how his approach to fitness differs from the more conventional narratives you’re probably familiar with, and along the way he shares a ton of really practical information about getting your mind right and creating a cage-free environment for yourself that encourages a diversity and abundance of quality movement.

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