32. Animal Husbandry After the Collapse - Interview with Aaron Fletcher, Homeless Farmhand


Do you believe that we are currently observing the early signs of the collapse of civilization, and that our society could actually quite easily fall apart within our lifetimes, due to any of myriad looming existential threats?


If you knew that civilization was going to collapse one year from now, how would that affect your daily life?

What if that collapse was set to arrive one month from now? Or a week from now?

How would that change your agenda, and what would you prioritize?

If the proverbial shit really did hit the fan, ...what then? What skills, knowledge, and experiences could you call upon in a long-term or potentially permanent survival scenario?

Are you “prepared”? And what does preparedness truly consist of anyway? Does it look like a bunker full of rations, or a more like a healthy mind and body full of earth skills?

For this installment of the Good Life Revival Podcast (no. 32), I spoke with the one and only Aaron Fletcher of Ashland, Oregon, a self-proclaimed herder-gatherer who leads a lifestyle of intentional homelessness with a modest flock of sheep.

Over a decade ago, Aaron observed all of the ways that our modern civilization subjugates and exploits us while poisoning the planet, and recognized that this house of cards was built to collapse, and so he resolved to check out – to the fullest extent possible.

You might call him a doomsday prepper or a survivalist to the extreme, but Aaron is someone who understands that true preparedness consists of requiring very little, and being able to acquire it for yourself directly through your interactions with nature.

Aaron Fletcher is truly one-of-a-kind in our era, and I think there’s a wealth of wisdom to be gleaned from his experiences. You may not be convinced to trade all of your worldly possessions for a flock of sheep by the end, but I hope this conversation will spark your imagination about unique possibilities for your own life.

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