26. Building a Home With Nature - Interview with Michael Beck and Joana Amorim

carry the roof up.jpg

Michael Beck and Joana Amorim have spent the last several years traveling the world to acquire natural building skills. Now they're tackling their most ambitious build yet.

Michael & Joana.

Michael & Joana.

Alongside their good friend Loren Heacock, they're in the process of constructing a traditional Appalachian log cabin on the 62 acres of land they jointly own in rural central Kentucky.

For this installment of The Good Life Revival Podcast (#26), Brooke and I ventured down to the Clear Creek Valley in late October 2017 to join a team of volunteers and well-wishers in helping the trio carry a massive stack of lumber up a winding hill to the build site of the cabin so they could get started constructing the roof.

Halfway through the day, Michael and Joana and I split from the group and made our way up the steep, wooded hillside behind the cabin to the natural spring that will soon feed fresh, clean water directly into their home - you'll hear it flowing steadily through our entire conversation.

We discussed their experiences as natural builders, how they ended up in rural Kentucky, how they're constructing their own home here, and how you can gain hands-on experience and start learning these time-honored building skills that are quickly being lost.