12. The 4 Pillars of Modern Homesteading

What does it mean to be a homesteader in the modern era?

One reason the idea of homesteading is so appealing to us is because we all instinctively know that we way we organize our work lives—and thus, our lifestyle as a whole—just doesn’t make sense.

Why on earth would any of us want to give up the majority of the hours of the majority of the days of our lives to do something we don’t want to do, isolated from the people we care about? Who would agree to that?

And yet that’s exactly what we do, because it’s what we’re told we have to do.

Well, homesteading offers an alternative.

In this special “audioblog” installment of the Permaculture Lifestyle Podcast, I outline what I see as the 4 pillars of modern homesteading: working with the land, taking care of your own needs, and minimizing interactions with government and market forces – all while remaining where you live.

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About the Author

Sam Sycamore is a writer and homesteader located in Simpsonville, Kentucky. An avid gardener with a passion for wild foods and edible perennials, Sam loves to teach others about growing food and foraging. Contact Sam here, and keep up with his daily adventures on Instagram @doityoursammy.