10. Interview: Why We Changed Our Names Together

In the first-ever interview on the Permaculture Lifestyle podcast, I chat with my wife Brooke about the search for meaningful work and a values-based lifestyle - a search that eventually brought the two of us together.

Coming to you in the early evening from the tent on our back porch where we sleep (it's springtime y'all!), Brooke talks about her childhood building a house with her parents, becoming disillusioned with academia and her work as a park ranger, and eventually settling on to the farm where the two of us currently work.

We also explain why we decided to change our names together - Sycamore isn't my given name, if it's not obvious :) Flexing her nature-teacher muscles, Brooke does a really great job explaining the ecological role that Sycamore trees play, and also what Sycamores represent to us.

I hope you enjoy it! And I really, truly hope you'll shoot me a message to let me know how you feel about the show. You can use this handy form below to reach me:

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About the Author

Sam Sycamore is a writer and homesteader located in Simpsonville, Kentucky. He helps tend to a small-scale market garden alongside his wife Brooke, while propagating edible perennials and raising chickens in their backyard. To learn more about Sam and Brooke's story, click hereContact Sam here, and keep up with his daily adventures on Instagram @doityoursammy.