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Good Life Revival
Permaculture, rewilding, homesteading, and living with the rhythms of nature.

Welcome to Good Life Revival, where we share stories, knowledge, and perspectives encountered on the path back to nature.


I'm Sam Sycamore, a writer, homesteader, and ecologist currently residing in rural Kentucky. I'm passionate about topics related to self-reliance, permaculture, rewilding, growing my own food, foraging, and learning the skills and traditions of living in tune with the rhythms of the natural world.

The Good Life Revival Podcast is my attempt to facilitate a space to share stories, information, and perspectives on the path back to the land in the 21st century. The focus of my work is on Appalachia and the surrounding areas, because that's the bioregion that I know best. 

With the interviews I share, I aim to shine a light on the "unknown" folks out there who are doing the hard work of fostering a more sustainable, regenerative culture in their neck of the woods. Nothing wrong with heroes and rockstars, but I find much greater inspiration in the everymen and everywomen who are making it happen with borrowed land and shoestring budgets, driven by a hunger and a passion that transcends the individual ego.

  • How do we live life on our own terms in this era?
  • Is it possible to heal our domesticated minds and bodies by healing our degraded landscapes? 
  • What does a lifestyle that's closer to the land really look like, and how do we pull it off in a practical, realistic way? 
  • What is "the good life," and how do we attain it? 

These are the kinds of questions that I aim to answer - or at least to discuss in a compelling way!

My wife Brooke and I live in a humble half-acre rental home surrounded by conventional farmland. We've spent the last several years busting our butts to learn the skills needed for a more self-reliant lifestyle, while also making efforts to network locally and regionally to help re-establish our severely crippled social bonds.

What Is "The Good Life"?

"The good life" means something a little different to everybody, but I love discussing this topic with other people because I find that everyone does indeed have their own definition, and I derive great joy and inspiration from hearing the stories of others who've also chosen this path back to nature.

Here's how I like to define the good life: our days are self-directed, our meals are self-produced, our communities are self-sustaining and our landscapes are self-regenerating. A lofty goal indeed, but I know for a fact that it's achievable!

I created the podcast as a way to share my own stories and facilitate the kinds of discussions that my wife and I wish to have with other people who are on the same path as us. Due to the somewhat isolated nature of our lifestyle and the culture that surrounds us, our opportunities to connect with like-minded folks in person are pretty limited.

My aim in publishing this podcast is to expose you to real-life examples of the folks out there fighting the good fight and living life on their own terms, and to encourage you to venture out on the land and start creating the world that you want to live in.

I hope that my vision of "the good life" inspires you to take action!



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“We maintain that a couple, of any age from twenty to fifty, with a minimum of health, intelligence and capital, can adapt themselves to country living, learn its crafts, overcome its difficulties, and build up a life pattern rich in simple values and productive of personal and social good.”

– Scott & Helen Nearing, The Good Life


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