The Good Life Revival Book Club

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The Good Life Revival Book Club is where we get together to discuss the writings of some of our favorite authors in this back-to-the-land, return-to-nature sphere.

Each month, we’ll dig into a new book that explores topics such as homesteading, gardening, foraging, cooking and fermenting, health and wellness, spirituality, philosophy, ecology and more.

I will chat with the author of that month’s book for an interview on the main feed of the Good Life Revival Podcast, and I will share my own audio commentary on the book exclusively through Patreon, where discussion of the book will take place.

If you dig the topics that I explore through the podcast, then I know you will love the books that I pick out for us to discuss! Any book that gets my stamp of approval is one I would be proud to display on my bookshelf – one that you’ll have a hard time putting down, and will want to revisit regularly.

I see this book club as an excellent way to dig deeper into some of my favorite books, discover new gems, and also build community all along the way. But I can’t do it alone – this thing will only be as cool as we all collectively make it!

To get in on the fun and listen to my exclusive audio commentary—essentially a whole other podcast-within-a-podcast—all it takes is a monthly pledge of $1 or more through Patreon, my crowd-funded digital tip jar.

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January 2018: Sacred Gardening by Steven Elliot Martyn

January’s book is Sacred Gardening: Seeds for the Reemergence of Co-Creative Agriculture by Steven Elliot Martyn!

In this book I intend to reflect a way of working with Earth, in which, all the beings of a given place are acknowledged as the guardians and co-creators of that place. A way of gardening, in which, these beings are sacredly approached and worked with, in their protogenic capacity. I’m interested in promoting gardening as consensus, gardening as communion and gardening as an extension of the ecological continuum, of which, our human evolution is also part.
Gardening did not begin with humans. The Earth is a garden and cultivation is the domain of creation. Everything on this Earth cultivates its own environment, and, in so doing, participates in the Earth’s cultivation and Her perennial cycles of abundance.

Order a copy of Sacred Gardening at (Use my discount code earthwisdom for $5 off)

Listen to my full interview with Steven here: The Good Life Revival Podcast #30 - ‘Sacred Land Use and the Intuitive Path’

And check out my audio commentary on Sacred Gardening, exclusively for Patreon contributors: Book Club Review #1 - 'Sacred Gardening'